Business Law

Business Law

Running your own business can be a stressful undertaking, but having the right attorneys by your side can make it easier. Our attorneys can assist you with every stage of your business including: starting up, choosing the right entity, preparing and executing employment documents, developing employee handbooks, resolving employment disputes, filing trademarks, business litigation as well as business turnaround and business dissolution.

Business Start-up

If you haven’t incorporated yet, but have a great idea, you should have a consultation with a knowledgeable business attorney to assist you with the process. We can help you with any pre-incorporation or start-up activities such as filing trademarks on your logos as well as choosing the proper entity for your new company. Our attorneys can also advise you on tax planning and how your entity should be taxed to fit your business objectives.

Entity Formation

Choosing a business entity can be a very simple decision or it may be very complex. If you are interested in taking your company to the public market and selling your shares publicly, you should incorporate as a C-corporation. C-corporation shares can be owned by individuals, trusts, and/or businesses and can be issued at an unlimited amount of shares. You may also incorporate as an S-corporation and receive the benefit of not being subject to double taxation like the C-corporation. Corporations set up for non-profit purposes should be incorporated as non-profit corporations. Other options for incorporation include the limited liability company or partnership. Individuals forming professional practices such as accountants and lawyers should set up variations of these entities and specify the professional practice associated with the company. Choosing which business entity is best for you largely depends on the type of business you will be operating and your tax objectives. Our business attorneys can provide you with a complimentary consultation as well as help with your incorporation. Also remember, if you have an entity already set up and don’t believe it was set up correctly, Long, Knight, Huff-Harris & Hagan, P.C. can file an entity conversion to change your entity form.

Outside Counsel for Businesses

If your business is facing a challenge and you don’t know what to do, turn to Long Hagan Huff-Harris! Our business lawyers understand legal complexities a business might face. Let us review every aspect of your business so that we can identify potential issues. Once the problems are assessed, new strategies are implemented to bring the business back to working condition.