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Workplace Harassment: Protect Yourself and Your Rights Workplace Harassment: Protect Yourself and Your Rights

The workplace should be an environment where all employees feel safe and are free from harassment in all forms. Workplace safety is so critical that Massachusetts law imposes affirmative obligations upon employers to (1) proactively ensure a safe work environment and to (2) take adequate measures in response to all reports of a hostile work environment. Pursuant to this law, vicarious liability is imposed on an employer for the conduct of its employees and an employer is principally liable for failure to adequately respond to and appropriately resolve a reported complaint of a hostile work environment. Massachusetts’ courts have repeatedly ruled that the obligations imposed by workplace safety laws must be interpreted as broadly as necessary to fulfill their purpose. What this means for employees is that if you think your employer is violating workplace safety laws, you should take the below steps to protect yourself and assert your rights.

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Trademark Registration: Just Do It

buy celebrex online Trademark Registration: Just Do It

A trademark is an identifier that a business uses to distinguish itself from competitors. It can be a name, slogan, logo, or even a unique package design. The best ones become so prevalent that they occupy a space in our cultural identity and become part of our everyday vernacular that instantly brings to mind a company or product, like “Google It” or “Just Do It.”

The distinctive quality of a trademark is compromised if competitors create trademarks that either copy or are so similar to another that it creates market confusion, so protecting trademarks is critical to their effectiveness. A well designed protection strategy protects your business from competitors who might harm you by trading on your good name, and protects your customers from inferior products “passed off” as yours.

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The Benefits of a Revocable Trust: Is It a Good Fit For You?

topamax amex The Benefits of a Revocable Trust: Is It a Good Fit For You?

A revocable trust, also known as a living trust, is a trust that you create during your lifetime. With a revocable trust, you have the option of naming yourself as trustee, effectively maintaining control over your assets during your life while also controlling how assets will be distributed at your death. There are three primary benefits of revocable trusts that wills do not provide; (1) a well-funded revocable trust helps minimize probate, (2) a revocable trust allows you to control when and to whom your property should be distributed while providing a level of privacy that wills do not enjoy, and (3) revocable trusts provide certain management benefits while you are alive, allow you to revoke the trust at any time before your death, and are often easier to amend than wills.

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5 Steps to Building a Successful Startup

5 Steps to Building a Successful Startup

Step 1 – Develop a Clear Vision

A successful business has purpose. You should have a clear vision of your business’s core values and purpose. Know what sets your business apart from the competition and hone in on this advantage. Develop a realistic goal of where you want your business to go and trust in this vision. Once you have a clear direction, you are ready to start a business that will stand the test of time.

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Don’t Get Blindsided When A Seemingly-Wondrous Venture Fails

Don't Get Blindsided When A Seemingly-Wondrous Venture Fails

When a potential partner approaches you with a great idea, make sure that you do not get caught up in the excitement of the venture. There are some key steps that you should take to make sure you protect yourself, if the deal comes up empty.

1. Even The Best-Sounding Deals Can Fail, So Have An Exit Strategy

While the party on the other side may be a known or even trusted person or entity, unforeseen or unexpected events could arise. It is important to go into every agreement or undertaking know how you or your company will get out of the contract. Make sure the contact contains a termination clause and amicable grounds that allow reasonable parties to dissolve the agreement.

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